Hello, I'm Taj!

I'm a young graphic designer looking to create and design as much as I can because it's what I love to do. Its been my passion for years to make things in general but it wasn't until I started drawing and illustrating that I found my true purpose. I want others to view and benefit from my creativity and eventually inspire others to do the same. As a designer my goal is to work with clients and make their ideas come to life and bring them to the surface so that others can enjoy.

My Story

I was born in Philadelphia and eventually moved to the Lehigh Valley in 2010. After finishing high school I decided to follow in my family footsteps and join the army and it was there where I served 8 years in the service. Near the end of my service I decided to start investing in school to pursue a career that I could enjoy after my military career. It wasn't until college that I started drawing and illustrating for the first time and decided this was the career I wanted to make a home in. Designing and creating means different things to people, but for me It's a way I can express myself exactly because sometimes it's hard describing the feeling you'r having. My goal is to help others who feel the same way and help them create or express an idea to resonate with the public.


I'm currently finishing my Bachlors Degree in communication at Kutztown University were I will be graduating in the spring of 2023. When I'm not working or studying Im usually hiking in the spring and snowboarding in the winter. I love to create personal content and record using my camera and my drone when I go for my adventures.